Shilana Starks

28-40 (Black). Shilana is a wife mother and Doctor to the main character. Takes control, nurturing, (Must be comfortable with partial nudity, welding a gun, and knife).

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Audrey Mbayu

28-40 (Black). Audrey is a woman of high professional stature, self mastered, methodical, balances being nurturing and scary very well.

Joseph Gray

30-50 (Black). Detective, ladies man, great comedic timing, has a street edge to him.

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Gerald Fuller

40-55 (Caucasian). Detective, charming, quick tempered, quite greed for power.

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28-45 (Open race) Female. CSI investigator, confident.

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Chris Yang

25-45 (Hmong) Male. Supporting role.

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Andi Muhammad

25-55 (Somali) Male. Supporting role.

Red Cloud

30-50 (Native American) Male. Assassin, wise, conflicted, mission oriented. Supporting role.


40-60 (Black) Female. Supporting role.


30-45 (Black/Hispanic) Female. Supporting role.


25-55 (Somali) Female. Supporting role.


30-40 (Caucasian) Male. Supporting role.


30-45 (Caucasian) Female. Supporting role.


21-30 (Open) Male. Supporting role.


(Open). Supporting role.

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